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We are Blue Horizon Pro, and we are the number one room addition contractor who serves residents of San Antonio Texas, Austin, New Braunfels, Houston and Dallas. If you want a room addition, then we encourage you to call us. If you want to know why you should hire us to build your next room addition, then read on.

We Have The Experience

For starters, we have the experience needed to build the room of your dreams. As a leading room addition contractor, we pride ourselves on the amount of experience we possess. In fact, we have many years of combined experienced and have worked on many projects. We have handled everything from small room additions to multiple room additions for customers.

You always want to deal with a highly experienced contractor. It means you’ll have peace of mind knowing you’ll be a step closer to getting the room you want. Here at Blue Horizon Service Pro, the experience we have shows in the work we do and in the relationships we have with past and current customers who continue to use us when they want to add a room to their property.

Team Of Professionals

We have an amazing team of professionals who treat every single job the same. Whether you have a small project you want us to work on or a large and complex one, our team of contractors will treat your job the same. In other words, our workers put in the same amount of effort for all jobs they work on. Do you want to work with a room addition contractor who takes great care with the room additions they work on and do you want a team who is passionate about deliver exactly what you want? If so, then you want to hire Blue Horizon Service Pro to build your new room.

We Build Dream Homes/Rooms

We have been building dream rooms for customers for many years now, and we are confident we can build the room of your dreams. The process is simple, as all you do is call use and tell us what you want and we will ask you a series of questions and meet on your property to asses it. We do a thorough pre-meeting/assessment because we want to make sure we have a clear understanding of what you want. When we have all the details sorted out, we will get to work. We can build your dream room sooner than you think because we work hard, fast and efficiently. We never sacrifice quality for speed.

There Are Many Types Of Room Additions We Can Do

It doesn’t matter what kind of room addition you want, we can build it for you. Maybe you want an extra bedroom because you’re expecting to grow your family or maybe you want to sell your home in the future and you think you’ll get more if you have an extra bedroom. It doesn’t matter why you want a bedroom, let us know how big you want it and what features you want and we will build it.

How about a home office? Do you dream of running a business from home or maybe you want to start taking your work home with you, but you don’t really have anywhere to put it. Regardless of the reason you want a home office, we can build you an amazing space where you will love to go to and get work done.

Maybe you’re thinking of adding a new garage to your home because you need storage space or a place to park your car. We are experts at adding garages to homes. Let us know the details and we will double-check with you and before you know it you will have a great looking garage.

Patios are popular too. When the weather starts to really heat up in Texas, you’ll love being able to spend time on a cool patio. Whether you need space to get away from it all for a bit or you just want to add value to your home, adding a patio is a good idea.

Those are only a few types of room additions we’re able to do. We can handle any room addition project. Simply call us and tell us what kind of room you want built and we will make it happen.

Areas Served

As previously mentioned, our team of professionals serves the areas of San Antonio Texas USA, as well as Austin, Houston, Dallas and New Braunfels. If you’re in any of those areas and you’d like to learn more about our services and how we can build you the room you’ve been wanting, then call us. We’ll answer your questions and you are not obligated to use our services.

We do want to point out that our customers love our work. Look at a few of the testimonials on our website. You’ll quickly realize that people love the rooms we’ve built for them.

Request An Estimate

All you have to do now is request an estimate, but don’t worry because we are known for our competitive rates. In fact, we are confident you will be impressed with our rates, especially after we’ve built your room. Remember, when you use our team of contractors, then you will be receiving high quality work that will be completed in a timely manner.

Do you have an idea for a room addition, but you’re not sure if it can actually be done? Maybe you know it can be done, but you have questions. If so, then call us because we are standing by to take your questions and then you can schedule an appointment with us. You can reach us at (210) 742-1770.

What are you waiting for? Call the leading room addition contractor today and tell us what you want. We at Blue Horizon Service Pro looks forward to taking your call, answering your questions and eventually adding another room to your home. Trust us, you will love our work and you will enjoy the process of working with us from start to finish.

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